We are much more interested in the developmental "process" that takes place in each child rather than their finished "products."  We encourage each child to do their best.  It is not possible to put young children on a developmental timeline and expect them all to keep an exact steady pace. 

Every child must be allowed to "blossom" when he/she is ready. In some we see a steady growth, but more than likely we see growth in spurts.  If some take longer than others that is fine.  It is much better to allow the time that is needed for all areas to develop than to force a child and cause frustration, stress and even permanent damage.  Our current 1st graders reading at the 4th grade level. 

We offer K-3 grades classes which will fill up quickly, so please sign up now.  We use the A-BEKA program and all teachers are State Certified. 916-922-6262